Kristina Stoltz, 2022, 5, foto @ Lea Meilandt

I’m a Danish/Norwegian author born in 1975. I live in Copenhagen. Since I published my first book of poetry in year 2000 I have worked in many genres. I have published novels, short stories and books for children, and experimented in collaborations with other artists. Here on my site you will find my books in Danish as well as full works translated into English as well as excerpts of several of my books.

The Story – full length (Danish title : ‘Historien’)
‘The story’ is a story about a young boy and an older girl who meets one summer on the beach. It was published as a regular book as well as an e-book with film and music.
Please watch some of the small movies from the e-book.

The Room – full length (Danish title : ‘Værelset’)
’The Room’ is a short poetic text about a man and a woman in a room one night.

 – an excerpt (Danish title : ‘Æsel’)
Two teenage brothers, Nadeem and Farid, are forced to flee Afghanistan, thus putting an abrupt end to their childhood. As they sit jammed together in the backseat of a car taking them out of the country, a stream of thoughts and images passes through them: their desperate, weeping mother, memories of Taliban atrocities, their family left behind, and their hope for a better future. A tumultuous journey follows, along the secret routes of human smugglers.

The Tourist Hotel – an excerpt (Danish title : ‘Turisthotellet’)
After having lived in the US  for several years the Danish woman Nadja returns to Copenhagen to attend the funeral of her grandmother. Instead of visiting her family she checks into a hotel in the red light district of Copenhagen and memories of her past brings her further and further away from the original purpose of her visit. The novel is written in English and in Danish.

The Time of the Grasshoppers -full length (Danish title: ‘Græshoppernes tid’)
Poems about love and the end of a relationship. The poems are inspired by the story of the lovers Hero and Leander from the Greek myth.

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Contact information
Publisher: GUTKIND: louise.konigsfeldt@gutkind.dk
Agent: Laurence Laluyaux: www.rcwlitagency.com

Phone:+45 61 78 19 75